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Join The Conversation is a community hub that connects minor candidates with local voters.

The major parties have failed us for the last two years and beyond.

This is not the Australia we grew up in and we are committed to bringing it back through candidates who will fight for us and represent our local communities.

Find your local freedom candidates right here, connect with them, get to know them, support them and make your next vote count!

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Jason miles

Jason Miles, Senate candidate for the GAP Party talks about the "Parallel Economy", why it's important, how we can achieve it and what you can personally do.

bar wunder blunder

A Panel of minor party candidates discuss the Bar Wunder situation and how unlawful government mandates have ruined businesses who chose to stand for freedom.

Brisbane floods

How dredging the Brisbane river could have made a difference to many businesses and homes in the floods that have ravaged SEQ and northern NSW this last month.

Jason Olbourne

Jason Olbourne brings his radio skills to the table and interviews various freedom candidates from Great Australian Party, One Nation and United Australia Party.

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