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David Pike - Candidate for Brand

David Pike

United Australia Party

House of Reps

Michelle Kinsella - IMOP - WA Senate Candidate

Michelle Kinsella

IMO Party


Rod Culleton - GAP - WA Senate Candidate

Rod Culleton

Great Australian Party


Samantha Vinci - GAP - WA Senate Candidate

Samantha Vinci

Great Australian Party


Andrew Gleeson - Candidate for Brand

Andrew Gleeson

Great Australian Party

House of Reps

Judy Wilyman - AFP - WA Senate Candidate

Judy Wilyman

Australian Federation Party


Leanne Barrett - AFP - WA Senate Candidate

Leanne Barrett

Australian Federation Party


Rebecca Pizzey - AVP - WA Senate Candidate

Rebecca Pizzey

Australian Values Party


Electorate Information

State/Territory:  Western Australia

Date Name & Boundary Gazetted: 02 August 2021

First Election This Name Was Used At: 1984 Federal Election

First Election This Boundary Was Used AtFirst federal election following the 2019 federal election

Name Derivation: Named in honour of Sir David Brand KCMG, 1912–79. Brand was Premier of Western Australia (1959–71).

Square Area:  378 Sq Km

Location Description: The Division of Brand consists of: Kwinana City Council, and Rockingham City Council. 

Demographic Rating: Outer Metropolitan – situated in capital cities and containing large areas of recent suburban expansion.

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