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At Join The Conversation we value transparency, especially for campaign donations! 

We've partnered with a commercial printer to print candidate media and with local marketers to produce digital media.

When you donate, you'll be able to see exactly where your money is going and the impact that it is having on your local community.

Pocket change from locals goes a LONG way with a smart system and we've done just you can make your dollar count as well as your vote!

Choose one of our packages below and help your local candidates NOW!

Flyers for letterbox drops

Candidate posters with 'Join The Conversation' branding, printed for display in local community windows

1 x week of social media copywriting and image templates for one candidate

Posters, flyers and 2 weeks of socials for one candidate

Posters, flyers and 4 weeks of socials for one candidate

Webpage/video management, flyers, posters and 6 weeks of socials for one candidate

Full marketing package plus local community advertising (price will vary according to location and will be adjusted accordingly e.g. one advert in a Sydney newspaper may be worth $2500 but the same amount in Bourke would pay for much more).

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