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Liz Suduk

House of Reps

Liz Suduk is a beef farmer, small business owner and mother of 3. She is passionate about restoring the freedoms for all Australians. She is proud to be the Pauline Hanson One Nation Candidate for the seat of Blair.

Q. What local issues are you focusing on?

A. Achieving affordable living and ending Government over reach.

Q. What do you have to say about how the major parties have failed Australia?

A. Both the majors have failed the Australian people. They have failed to protect our way of life and to look after our country as a whole. They have watched on, as the people have had their rights and free will eroded from beneath them. They have incrementally taken the freedoms that we took for granted only 10 years ago. The majors on both sides have allowed party lines to prevent them speaking for the electorates that they are supposed to represent, and they have no wish to change this behaviour. The majors are legislating further restrictions to continue the control of the people. This cannot be allowed to happen.

The Majors have failed in Drought and in Flood, they have failed to prepare Australia for the future with regards to water infrastructure, roads, secure power grid and fuel security. The Australian Government is supposed to be for the people, and it is not.

Q. Why should local voters vote for you?

A. I am not a career politician, I am a mother, wife, farmer. I have worked a variety of different jobs, both for government and private sector. I know what it is like to not have enough money.
Through my policing experience, I have seen the effects of poverty and drugs, the cycle of domestic violence, the importance of education of our youth. I have seen the impact of what a little compassion and dignity, can have on a community. I have no agenda and I have no desire to stay long term in Politics. I want the opportunity to stand up in Canberra and speak up and out for the Australian people. It will take as many non major party candidates as we can get to make a difference, and clean up this mess – However, I have the skills and experience and especially the integrity to be one of those people, speaking up for the people of Blair.

Q. What will your local community look like, when you are voted in?

A. My community would look and feel safer, cleaner, more respected. The road network would be improved between Ripley and Amberley. I would push for the Mt Crosby Interchange upgrade. There would be a federal Police drug bus in each state that will provide a roadshow to parents and kids. There would be better water infrastructure that would help mitigate the effects of flooding.

I would get back a feeling of community, and create spaces for groups to come together, to spend time in our beautiful parkland and reserve areas. Blair could be emerging star in South east Queensland. It just needs someone to back it!

We are close to the city, but far enough away, we are a short drive to the coast, we are a short drive to the country, we have the green spaces for our families and sports, and we have the heavy industrial areas to supply jobs. We have a diverse demographic of people that are service workers, artists, corporate workers, retail, defence, and transport.

Q. How can voters get in touch with you?

A. Email, Social Media (Messenger + Feed)

Q. Email And Phone:

A. Email:  [email protected]    Phone:  0448512953

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