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Quinton Cunningham stands for freedom as United Australia Party's candidate for Blair. He is a Special Forces Veteran and will continue to fight for you in Canberra.

Q. What local issues are you focusing on?

A. Upgrading infrastructure for the future, zonal taxation reductions, cheaper and cleaner energy, return of jobs to the area, increased transparency in government, ending corruption and lying of government

Q. What do you have to say about how the major parties have failed Australia?

A. "The major parties have essentially become the same entity. Their actions don't match their words and their actions once observed look to not be in the people's best interest. We need to protect our sovereignty and national interests from global organisations. The major parties have failed Australian's with their petty childish attitudes. We have gone into incredible debt..for what? Politicians continue to promise us a grand future yet we have nothing to show for the debt we have. Australian's are ranked 2nd in the world in household debt. We have prioritised real estate investment over business investment and innovation investment.

We are on the verge of interest rate rises where everyone is in eye-watering levels of debt, rising inflation and zero savings. The major parties have steered us to this point. Career politicians with 15, 20, 25 yrs in Canberra tell us they can fix the problem but it is my opinion that they have directly contributed to the problem through sheer incompetence. The major parties have sold off our manufacturing. They sell off our natural resources to be processed overseas only for us to buy them back at a higher cost. The major parties continue to have integrity and corruption investigations and need to be completely removed to give our nation a chance to clean up and move forward."

Q. Why should local voters vote for you?

A. "I have served this country and protected it's representatives in hostile environments. But the most hostile environment will probably be Canberra! I have put my hand up for public office to truly represent the people and not a party, industry, special interest groups or businesses.

I want to build the infrastructure in my area up so we have the potential to grow for decades to come. I will be proactive and not reactive. I will be transparent in everything I do to drive efficiency and accountability with stakeholders I work with at all levels of government. I believe our political system is corrupt and that those elected to represent the people who engage in corrupt behaviour should face jail time and I will expose this when I encounter it.

I will push for cheaper cleaner energy in the form of nuclear power, I will push for a return of manufacturing to our country, I will push for zonal taxation, I will push for our Freedoms to be defined and enshrined so no government can ever do to the people what is happening right now.

I will be your voice, I will not be a stranger you see only before an election. I will meet with anyone for a coffee and show you the respect you deserve."

Q. What will your local community look like, when you are voted in?

A. "There is a dog track the Qld Labor Government is trying to build in Ipswich that needs to stop. As much as the current Government talks out the side of their mouth about how they care for you it is a lie. This directly promotes gambling. Gambling destroys lives, breaks up families, leads to substance abuse, and domestic violence. Not to mention the animal abuse.

We don't want this in our area. I want to improve the lives of the people of Blair. We need that $40 million to be allocated in a more productive way.

We have highways that are years behind schedule on upgrades. We have super dumps and incinerators that we don't want to live next to.

We need better infrastructure and zonal taxation to encourage job growth in the area to remove the commuter life of so many in the area.

We need to stop foreign ownership of our resources and property to allow our own citizens to afford their own home.

Remember, that any issue or a concern of yours please come directly to me, I am your voice and I will represent you."

Authorised by Q.Cunningham, Ipswich, Queensland.

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