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Graeme Clark - Candidate for Boothby

Graeme Clark

United Australia Party

House of Reps

Raina Cruise - IMOP - SA Senate Candidate

Raina Cruise

IMO Party


Jo'Anne Eason - GAP - SA Senate Candidate

Jo'Anne Eason

Great Australian Party


Cathy Byrne - AFP - SA Senate Candidate

Cathy Byrne

Australian Federation Party


Nick Duffield - AFP - SA Senate Candidate

Nick Duffield

Australian Federation Party


Peter Harris - Candidate for Boothby

Peter Harris

Australian Federation Party

House of Reps

Electorate Information

State/Territory:  South Australia

Date Name & Boundary Gazetted: 20 July 2018

First Election This Name Was Used At: 1903 Federal Election

First Election This Boundary Was Used At: 2019 Federal Election

Name Derivation: Named in honour of William Robinson Boothby CMG, 1829–1903. Boothby introduced many electoral innovations in South Australia and from 1856 to 1903 superintended every State parliamentary election and drafted every Electoral Act in South Austalia. Boothby was State Returning Officer for the first House of Representatives election in South Australia in 1901 and, prior to his death, completed the 1903 redistribution of federal electoral divisions in South Australia.

Square Area: 115 Sq Km

Location Description: The Division of Boothby consists of: City of Holdfast Bay, part of the City of Marion, part of the City of Mitcham, and part of the City of Unley.

Demographic Rating:  Outer Metropolitan – situated in capital cities and containing large areas of recent suburban expansion.

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