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Justin Knudson

House of Reps

Q. What local issues are you focusing on?

A. Small business support, particularly hospitality and tourism, Housing affordability,

Q. What do you have to say about how the major parties have failed Australia?

A. My major issue is that the major parties have totally lost touch and have disengaged with the general public and their real world issues. They fail to properly debate and listen to issues, and are totally dismissive of listening to any point of view outside their own agenda.

Q. Why should local voters vote for you?

A. I come from the real world of working and building businesses, and I am outside the bubble of being a career politician. I am only here to ensure the best future for my family and in turn for the best future of all Australians.

Q. What will your local community look like, when you are voted in?

A. A community that is not divided, where the government is transparent and accountable, and no division from illogical government mandates. A community that can actually trust in their leader who listens and responds appropriately, and a focus on building a better future together.

Authorised by J.Knudson, Brisbane, Queensland.

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