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Cyndi Marr - Candidate for Flinders

Cyndi Marr

One Nation

House of Reps

Nick Clonaridis - IMOP - VIC Senate Candidate

Nick Clonaridis

IMO Party


Darryl O'Bryan - GAP - VIC Senate Candidate

Darryl O'Bryan

Great Australian Party


Vern Hughes - AFP - VIC Senate Candidate

Vern Hughes

Australian Federation Party


Neerja Sewak - AFP - VIC Senate Candidate

Neerja Sewak

Australian Federation Party


Karen Kim - AFP - VIC Senate Candidate

Karen Kim

Australian Federation Party


Chris Mara - AFP - VIC Senate Candidate

Chris Mara

Australian Federation Party


Cheryl Lacey - AFP - VIC Senate Candidate

Cheryl Lacey

Australian Federation Party


Jefferson Earl - Candidate for Flinders

Jefferson Earl

Australian Federation Party

House of Reps

Chris Burson -AVP - VIC Senate Candidate

Chris Burson

Australian Values Party


Electorate Information

State/Territory: Victoria

Date Name & Boundary Gazetted: 26 July 2021

First Election This Name Was Used At: 1901 Federal Election

First Election This Boundary Was Used At: First federal election following the 2019 federal election

Name Derivation: Named in honour of Matthew Flinders, 1774–1814. Flinders was a well-known navigator and explorer who charted parts of the Australian coast. The adoption of the name Australia is due to him.

Square Area: 871 Sq Km

Location Description: The Division of Flinders consists of: part of Mornington Peninsula Shire Council, and the unincorporated area of French-Elizabeth-Sandstone Islands. 

Demographic Rating: Rural – outside capital cities and without majority of enrolment in major provincial cities.

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