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Stella Jinman - Candidate for Fremantle

Stella Jinman

United Australia Party

House of Reps

Michelle Kinsella - IMOP - WA Senate Candidate

Michelle Kinsella

IMO Party


Ben Tilbury - Candidate for Fremantle

Ben Tilbury

Great Australian Party

House of Reps

Samantha Vinci - GAP - WA Senate Candidate

Samantha Vinci

Great Australian Party


Rod Culleton - GAP - WA Senate Candidate

Rod Culleton

Great Australian Party


Cathy Gavranich - Candidate for Fremantle

Cathy Gavranich

Australian Federation Party

House of Reps

Judy Wilyman - AFP - WA Senate Candidate

Judy Wilyman

Australian Federation Party


Leanne Barrett - AFP - WA Senate Candidate

Leanne Barrett

Australian Federation Party


Rebecca Pizzey - AVP - WA Senate Candidate

Rebecca Pizzey

Australian Values Party


Electorate Information

State/Territory: Western Australia

Date Name & Boundary Gazetted: 02 August 2021

First Election This Name Was Used At: 1901 Federal Election

First Election This Boundary Was Used At: First federal election following the 2019 federal election

Name Derivation: Named after the City of Fremantle. The city was named after Captain Charles Howe Fremantle who arrived at the Swan River Colony on 2 May 1829, hoisted the British flag on the South Head, and took formal possession in the name of His Majesty King George IV, of 'all that part of New Holland which is not included within the territory of New South Wales'.

Square Area: 194 Sq Km

Location Description: The Division of Fremantle consists of: East Fremantle Town Council, Fremantle City Council, part of the Cockburn City Council, and part of the Melville City Council. 

Demographic Rating: Inner Metropolitan – situated in capital cities and consisting of well-established built-up suburbs.

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