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Michelle Wilde

House of Reps

Small business owner, Michelle Wilde, is married with four boys after a career as a corporate lawyer. She is passionate about protecting the freedoms that are important to all Australians by means of less Government interference in business and family life.

Q. What local issues are you focusing on?

A. Cost of living, including fuel prices, electricity prices, food prices.

Q. What do you have to say about how the major parties have failed Australia?

A. The major parties have destroyed our way of life and have wasted billions of taxpayer dollars in the last two years.  

Q. Why should local voters vote for you?

A. I am passionate about protecting the freedoms that are important to all Australians by means of less Government interference in business and family life.

I want to bring back financially responsible Government policies and reduce the green and red tape that is stifling innovation and economic growth.

"This is time for a greater accountability and transparency from our government through sustainable policies to ensure we maintain our unique Australian way of life, long into the future."

I want to assist One Nation to jump start Australia’s decimated small businesses, allow Australians to take back their personal and medical freedoms, and end irresponsible government spending.

To achieve this, I see the need to reduce federal taxes and red tape for small businesses and address the powers that government used to issue mandates, lockdowns, and restrictions on personal freedoms.

I agree with Pauline Hanson's call for a COVID Royal Commission to look into the advice state and federal governments relied on for their pandemic measures. Now that Australia is left with massive debts in the wake of COVID and other spending sprees, there's an urgent need at every level of government to balance the books and secure a sustainable economic future for our children.

I have what it takes to fight for Australia's future.

Q. What will your local community look like, when you are voted in?

A. I want to make our local community inclusive again and bring back vibrant businesses and focus on a solid debt free economic future with less interference with our business and family life from Government, both State and Federal. I want to ensure we are never placed in mandates, lockdowns and restrictions on our personal freedoms ever again, and bring back our unique Australian way of life that has been the envy of the world, but destroyed by the two major parties over the last two years.

Authorised by Michelle Wilde, Brisbane, Queensland.

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