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Emma Goyne - Candidate for Lyons

Emma Goyne

One Nation

House of Reps

Jason Evans - Candidate for Lyons

Jason Evans

United Australia Party

House of Reps

Lynne Kershaw - IMOP - TAS Senate Candidate

Lynne Kershaw

IMO Party


Electorate Information

State/Territory: Tasmania

Date Name & Boundary Gazetted: 14 November 2017

First Election This Name Was Used At: 1984 federal election

First Election This Boundary Was Used At: 2019 federal election

Name Derivation: Jointly named in honour of: Joseph Aloysius Lyons CH, 1879–1939, Prime Minister of Australia (1932–39) and a Member of the House of Representatives (1929–39), and Dame Enid Muriel Lyons, DGBE(C) AD, 1897–1981, first woman member of the House of Representatives (1943-51) and first woman to hold Cabinet rank as Vice-President of the Executive Council (1949–51).

Square Area: 35, 721.83 Sq Km 

Location Description: The Division of Lyons consists of the: Municipality of Break O’Day Municipality of Brighton Municipality of Central Highlands Municipality of Derwent Valley Municipality of Glamorgan-Spring Bay Municipality of Kentish Municipality of Meander Valley Municipality of Northern Midlands Municipality of Sorell Municipality of Southern Midlands Municipality of Tasman part of the City of Clarence.

Demographic Rating: Rural – outside capital cities and without majority of enrolment in major provincial cities.

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