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Jason Olbourne

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Jason Olbourne is a radio host, former TV Producer and political pundit. He is standing for Paterson on his 4 pillars platform, Coal. Homes. Jobs. Kids.

Q. What local issues are you focusing on?

A. Coal. Homes. Jobs. Kids.

Q. What do you have to say about how the major parties have failed Australia?

A. $1.4 trillion in debt with no repayment solution. Rising inflation with interest rates set to rise alarmingly putting tens of thousands into mortgage stress. The vaccination program has not delivered on its promises with vaccinated people getting the virus and transmitting it. Furthermore, at 95% double jabbed we cannot hit herd immunity. The sanctity of the doctor/ patient relationship must be restored.

The failure of AHPRA, TGA, Government means we cannot trust the major parties ever again any we have to put them last when we vote in this year's election.

Q. Why should local voters vote for you?

A. I will be a champion for Paterson who will deliver on his promise to keep the coal industry thriving in the Hunter Valley which supports thousands of families as well as the many related industries relying on the mines.

The UAP's financial recovery lan will mean no Australia need lose their homes over the next 5 years whilst we recover from covid carnage.

Jobs will be protected and created through new investment in the area as a direct result of UAP policy on mandate and bringing capital into Australia.

Our kids will be protected by paying off this government debt in our lifetimes and not over 250 years as the Liberal and Labor party have outlined. What if another pandemic occurs? We will never, pay off our debts and we cannot leave our children a worse world than we received.

Child protection is top of mind. 80% of meth users were sexually abused as children. This cannot be allowed to happen and a massive audit of our institutions must follow with action taken.

Q. What will your local community look like, when you are voted in?

A. In 3 years time, our electorate will be thriving under the UAP policies that will pay down debt, keep our homes and bring in new investment and growth.

Families will be families again, segregation banished forever. With audits complete and action taken our children will be better off, both emotionally and financially.

The digital ID and digital currency will be abolished forever and human beings will be sovereign once again. Government will be smaller and will do the bidding of the people and not dictate to them what our rights and freedoms may be if we comply.

Authorised by Jason Olbourne, NSW.

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