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Paterson NSW

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Neil Turner - Candidate for Paterson

Neil Turner

One Nation

House of Reps

Jason Olbourne - Candidate for Paterson

Jason Olbourne

United Australia Party

House of Reps

Angela Ketas - Candidate for Paterson

Angela Ketas

IMO Party

House of Reps

Marelle Burnum Burnum - IMOP - Senate Candidate

Marelle Burnum Burnum

IMO Party


Michael O'Neill - IMOP - NSW Senate Candidate

Michael O'Neill

IMO Party


Matthew Hopkins - GAP - NSW Senate Candidate

Matthew Hopkins

Great Australian Party


Selena Clancy - AVP - NSW Senate Candidate

Selena Clancy

Australian Values Party


Dave Gilbert - AVP - NSW Senate Candidate

Dave Gilbert

Australian Values Party


Julie Collins - NSW Senate Candidate

Julie Collins



Electorate Information

State/Territory: New South Wales

Date Name & Boundary Gazetted: 25 February 2016

First Election This Name Was Used At: 1949 federal election Note: The name 'Paterson' was retired for the 1984 federal election and was resurrected for the 1993 federal election, at which time it was jointly named.

First Election This Boundary Was Used At: 2016 federal election

Name Derivation: The electoral division is jointly named in honour of: Colonel William Paterson, 1755–1810. Paterson was a solider and botanist who served as Lieutenant-Governor of the Colony of New South Wales (1794–95, 1800–1808 and 1809). The town and river are named after Paterson, and Andrew Barton 'Banjo' Paterson CBE, 1864–1941. Paterson was a journalist, war correspondent and poet whose many works include 'The Man from Snowy River'.

Square Area: 1, 123 Sq Km

Location Description: Paterson extends from Neath, Kurri Kurri and Williamtown in the south, along the Hunter River and Port Stephens in the north and along the Hunter Expressway to the west. The main towns include Kurri Kurri, Maitland, Medowie, Neath, Nelson Bay, Raymond Terrace and Williamtown.This description reflects local government areas in existence in 2015.

Demographic Rating: Provincial – outside capital cities, but with a majority of enrolment in major provincial cities.

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